The French Farmhouse is on the doorstep of several wine producing regions and there are many opportunities to enjoy tastings and of course to buy wine from the producers. There is something very special about traveling between the vineyards and visiting the domaines. Stand like a sommelier and taste, you are often given the chance to compare the different vintages and grapes. This region offers the opportunity to learn about the wines, the environment, the soil and how the grapes are grown. Keep an eye on this page as we add more and more recommended domaines. Below are links (click the title) that will help you on your vineyard voyage of discovery!

Photo by  John Murzaku  on  Unsplash

Winerist offers courses and tours not only for wine but also local products such as cheese and truffles! The link above will take you to the Cahors area page. If you dont see what you want in terms of tour, course or price then contact and she will be happy to help.

Chateau Chambert

Chateau Chambert

Chateau Chambert

This organic vineyard has tastings, tours and even a bistro, have a look at their website. In the summer you can book a guided tour for around 12 euros per adult ( children free). Contact them for workshops or private events at all times.

Chateau Pineraie

If you prefer a white wine then this vineyard is worth a visit. Having enjoyed a white Chateau Pineraie, we decided to go and find out where it came from. The barrels picture in the winter 19 newsletter comes from here! Chateau Pineraie also has red and rose wine so something for all tastes.

Le Chateau Nozieres

We enjoyed this Cahors wine in a restaurant. You can visit the domaine and try it for yourself. I always think it is a recommendation when the restaurants choose a certain wine.

Vin du Tsar

This is one of the house favourites at FFQ. With an interesting history, a great taste and not too far from the farmhouse it’s worth a visit. These wines are also available in the local supermarkets.