I think that I have probably always had a thing about giving rooms in a house a name. It seems obvious but it means you can refer to them and everyone knows the space you are talking about. So when we brought the Farmhouse I was really keen to organise the names. The communal spaces were easy but it was the bedrooms that seemed more challenging. To begin with they were named according to whose room it was, or who was staying in it at the time. I then wondered about numbers but felt it was a little hotel like, so we explored the idea of using colours, The Blue Room, The Green Room and so on. Nothing quite seemed right until we came up with the idea of calling them after local towns and villages. We chose places that people might like to visit if they were staying at the Farmhouse and one of the bedrooms is called Roquecor.

Roquecor is a lovely hilltop village with stunning vistas of the surrounding countryside. There is a vantage point where you can stand to see the view framed in all its glory, this is behind the tourist information centre where this summer they had a local crafts exhibition.  The owner of  "La Savonnerie Sapodouce" creates hand-made natural organic soaps and cosmetics and there is a wonderful art shop to browse around, further down the hill. There are two restaurants, a general stores and on a Sunday morning, a small market to enjoy. If you feel you would like to drive away in a classic car then you can hire a Citroen 2CV , a Morgan or another dream car from a range on offer at a local specialist garage.

So if you find yourself staying at the Farmhouse and you're sleeping in Roquecor, you now know a little bit more about the village that it was named after and maybe you'll go there.

At Roquecor

At Roquecor

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