One of my favourite bedrooms at the farmhouse is "Lauzerte", I think it is because it has a door directly onto the lawn. It's just wonderful to wake up in the morning, open the door  and let the sunshine in. Sometimes I wander straight outside, cup of tea in hand and wake up slowly, walking and taking in the morning views. The bathroom for this bedroom also has a door with the same aspect so it's easy to dash from the swimming pool right to your bathroom after an early morning swim or a busy day by the pool.

As I said in a previous blog, the bedrooms at the farmhouse are named after local villages and towns, so what can I tell you about Lauzerte.

Lauzerte is listed as one of the most beautiful villages of France. It's located at the top of a hill and the views of the surrounding countryside are stunning. The name is derived from the latin "lucerna" meaning lamp and this village stands tall on its hill like a lamp shining out. The village streets display examples of medieval architecture, there is the church of Saint Barthelemy and several art galleries. The square, "Place des Cornieres" is the central meeting place surrounded by cafes and restaurants. We had a great steak at  "La Table des Tois Cheveliers"  and have had chance to listened to live music in the local bar on a Friday night.

There seem to be lots of different events throughout the year, we saw a 2CV rally here in July and  looked around a "Vide Granier" in August. "Vide Graniers" are popular throughout the summer, many communities take it in turns to give local people the chance to "empty their attics". These are interesting and intriguing markets because you never know what you will find to buy.

The village is a must for any visits to the area and it's already proving to be a popular place with all our friends and family.

Lauzerte July 2015.

Lauzerte July 2015.

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