There are so many different ways to travel to The Farmhouse and the method used depends on many different factors, this week I thought I would explore a few different routes. The journeys today are aimed at those coming from the UK who have the added challenge or added pleasure of crossing the channel.

Time and money are two of the main factors in organising your trip to The Farmhouse. If you are coming to visit for a week then you may wish to fly. Our nearest airports are Toulouse and Bergerac, Bordeaux is possible but it's further away, around two and a half hours from the house. A car is essential for your enjoyment of the area, so you will need to hire one. One thing that we have learnt is that flying can be cheaper than driving, you have to check it out.

Toulouse- Blagnac is about 1 hour 30 mins from the house, its a major airport as one would expect from a city that is home to Airbus. British Airways, Easy Jet, Air France, Flybe, BMI and Jet2 fly here. Don't forget BA is good for the Avios points collectors. It could be worth staying a night here, it's a beautiful city.

Bergerac is about 1 hour 15 mins away Ryanair, Jet2 and Flybe land here. The journey from Bergerac airport is a relaxed and a rural ride and that would perhaps describe the airport too. You travel through parts of the Dordogne en-route and a visit to Monbazilliac ( vineyard and a beautiful chateaux) could be on your agenda as you journey to or from us.

If you choose to drive you have many options. The first choice is tunnel or ferry, we have done both and for us it has been all about how many drivers we have and the time of year. The removal company that delivered our furniture said that road miles were quicker that sea miles, this is true but it depends if you want the shortest time or shortest road miles! When we drive we sometimes do a "run" which means we cross, often on the tunnel and keep going stopping to swap driver and to picnic.  This works in the summer when we have more daylight hours but can be miserable in the winter if you don't see any daylight on the journey. We have travelled on the ferry overnight and then had a whole day to get to the house which works well from St Malo, Caen or La Havre. Don't forget there is an option of travelling to the northern spanish ports and driving up to the house. I prefer to break my journey and book into a hotel for one night. It is wonderful to see the different towns en-route and visit different places. Poitiers has been a favourite, there is a wonderful centre to the town and you can find hotels with secure parking and the ability to walk out from your hotel to the hub of all that is happening, there are lots of shops, bars and restaurants. For us Poitiers has been a good stop when going back to UK. Coming out to the house we have stopped at Rouen and Chartres, it really depends on the time you arrive in France. If you choose to come by car remember to enjoy the journey, it's fabulous and we will be waiting for you, beer and wine on chill. Bon Voyage.

Centre of Poitiers 2016.

Poitiers 2016

Poitiers 2016

Poitiers 2016