It has been wonderful having the family here for Christmas and New Year celebrations, the house has come into its own with space for us all to spread out, we have even managed to have time to relax. On Wednesday we set off to walk to Montaigu de Quercy for a lunch time snack at the Cafe Midi in the centre of town. It was a lovely downhill walk all the way there, the sun shone and we ambled along enjoying the adventure of trying to find an off road route. On arrival at the cafe we soon convinced ourselves to have a charcuterie board and a few drinks and sitting outside with the winter sun on our backs, all was right with the world.

Time came to make the journey home, we chose a shorter and steeper route back, it was fine even for an unfit fifty something like me!. However it did spur on the conversation of New Years resolutions and ideas for healthy eating. Suddenly ......  from the trees at the side of the path we heard a noise, far away at first but getting closer and closer. We peered into the woodland for a shape, something moving.... at last coming towards us was a small lamb, it was bleating continuously and limping. It really was asking for help. We scooped it up and as we were close to home, we resolved, after much discussion between ourselves and some local walkers, that the best thing was to take Larry to our farmer friend for advice. There were no other sheep around so the dear thing must have wandered far, far away from the flock.

Back at the house we got in the car and set off with the poor lamb. On showing the farmer the map of our route he told us where the local sheep farmer lived and with lamb in car we headed there. A marking on Larry’s tail confirmed that he…or she was in the right place and we headed back to The Farmhouse feeling that in some way we had taken part in a festive nativity play.

Today we had a early start as some of the family were going to the UK, flying from Bordeaux-Merignac  airport. It is about 2 hours from the farmhouse, so further than Toulouse or Bergerac airport but it made a nice change, affording our guests the opportunity to stay the night there on the way in and have lots of time to explore this wonderful city. Having dropped them off we headed into town for petit dejeuner. This was my first visit to Bordeaux town and it gave us chance for a bit of a reccy..... it really didn't disappoint, what a beautiful place. We were in the old town and the architecture was just beautiful, we have noted it for a weekend away at some point.

Tonight we are chilling with family and as the New Year begins to dawn we would like to wish you and yours a happy and healthy 2017.

Rob and Larry .....

Walking to Montaigu.

Walking to Montaigu.

Happy New Year ...Bordeaux