For a couple of weeks, on the face of it, there seems to have been less progress at The Farmhouse. I know however that this isn't true, for lots has been happening behind the scenes. You don't see the miles ( I feel sure this can't be an exaggeration) of electric wire that is now hidden between the Quercy stone walls and the additional holes in the floors and walls don't seem to count, or even be noticed anymore.  I suppose there have not been any "Tah Dah" moments, like for example, when the the window went into Tournon bedroom, that was a real wow!

The electrician is part of the scenery now, he arrives every morning and we exchange pleasantries. I know he is busy as the radio plays softly from the window of the room where he is working. The plumber and his mate have created a network of routes around the house, this can't have been easy as the internal walls are at least two feet thick. Pipe work is increasing between the metal frame structures in the bathrooms and red and blue pipes weave their way to .........I don't know where.

But now the plasterers are back and huge sheets of board arrive daily up onto the bolly.  All the metal frames that went in a few weeks back have suddenly come into their own, as they support and create form to our ceilings and walls. The bathrooms are starting to be filled in with marine board, a more waterproof sheeting (I know this because its green). The walls of the en-suite in Beauville bedroom have been created, the door is on too, but still no loo. 

There are two kitchens at the farmhouse. The one on the ground floor is called "The Summer Kitchen" and from this room there is a door onto the patio for summer dining. The kitchen on the first floor is called "The Cuisine". We use this kitchen all year round, it leads out onto the bolly, where you can happily sit and take in the views while having breakfast. The cuisine now looks very different, this is a large room and the ceiling was quite dark. The oak beams had a black patina and in-between those beams the dark wood floor of the space above. The overall effect was .....dark. Now the beams have been sandblasted to reveal a lighter oak and with the white plasterboard in-between, the space is so much lighter and brighter, this could be a "Ta Dah" moment I think.

Before and after, the ceiling in the cuisine.

The door to the salon from the cuisine.

Another view of the cuisine. The window faces south and from this window you can see the swimming pool.