Our grounds maintenance team are leaving us soon and winding their way back up through France to the french ports. This morning it was time for their dogs to see the vet ready to go home. Once the dogs have a pet passport, they must be checked for good health and to have a worming tablet not less than 24 hours and not more than 120 hours before arriving back in the UK. We popped up to Fumel to see the veterinaire in order to comply with the pet travel scheme.

Doggie passports stamped, we headed back to the Farmhouse via a couple of vineyards. The one big bonus of driving to France is that it affords you the opportunity of taking home a little wine. We often visit the Vin du Tzars at Thezac, their "Le Bouquet" wine is becoming a house standard. These bottles of wine can be found in our local supermarkets but there is nothing better than a visit to the vineyard to feel the real deal. 

This morning we wanted to find "Domaine de Lancement" which is a small independent vineyard and is also in Thezac. At Domaine de Lancement we met the daughter of the owner Sandrine, who has worked hard to develop the vineyards and gain an "Agriculture Biologique" status. She showed us the winery and great vats of wine in waiting. She explained the process to us and we saw the bottles of red, white and rosé stacked, awaiting their labels and boxes. After enjoying a " dégustation" (tasting) of the wines, we came home with a box......or two!

This week I have also registered the Farmhouse as a Holiday Home with the Mairie. There was a form to fill in and we headed to L'Hotel de Ville to return it to the Mairie's office. We parked the car in the village square and the sounds of an accordion playing filled the air. Walking along the pavement a lady waved us to her window which she pulled open to proudly show her husband with the accordion, swaying as he played. After a little dance on the pavement with them, bizarre I know, I felt quite filled with frenchness and headed off to hand in my form. It was sorted there and then and officially stamped. I walked away without folding it, it might need to be framed!

Montaigu de Quercy. January 2016.

Some pictures from the summer. Near the Hotel de Ville, towards the top of the hill, Montaigu de Quercy.

Domaine de Lancement. In the winery. 

Some of the wines from Thezac. IGP Thezac Perricard Appellation.