Spring has sprung and there is no doubt about it, the wildlife is beginning to be more active. Something waddled its way down the drive this week, I could only see it from behind and I think it was a badger, a lot browner that I would have expected. I toyed with the idea that it was wild boar but the walk was wrong!

While digging in the garden on Sunday a red admiral butterfly came to visit and I was delighted to see "bird in photo" round by the gite yesterday, could it be a woodpecker? It had a real plume on the back of it's head, I think it was enjoying all the fire beetles. Can anyone help me with a name?  

Thank you for your responses, it seems that the bird is a Hoopoe.

Red Admiral 03/04/16

Red Admiral 03/04/16

Hoopoe 04/04/16

Hoopoe  04/04/16  Sorry image isn't great, grabbed the nearest camera (phone) and took picture through the window.

A second phase of blossom. Some of the trees in the orchard have already blossomed and now have green leaves.