This has been a week of early mornings, an opportunity to get into the farmhouse before it gets busy. The view from the bolly has been fleeting over recent months, usually as one marches past, there has been no time or perhaps inclination to stand and stare. This week the bolly has returned to normal, the trappings of building materials have vanished and the space is once again open and inviting. I could not help find time to catch the sun as it rose on Wednesday morning, a precious few moments of stillness and peace.

The pool guy has been a frequent visitor this week, keeping check as the "piscine" wakes from its dormant months. Its been a learning experience as the filters burst into action and the robot scouts the bottom of the pool collecting the debris. My biggest fear was that while cutting the lawn I would spray the pool with newly mown grass cuttings, something so easy to accidentally do! There was consequently a lot of backing and manoeuvring of the "autoporte" to make sure the grass cutting outlet was in the right direction. The pool heater was switched on and the temperature climbs daily. It is not an immediate thing, you can't suddenly decide you want a warm pool, it usually takes quite a few days to send all that water through the system. Yesterday it was twenty, eight more degrees and it will be perfect. 

Lighting has been the main agenda this week, sourcing approximately thirty light fittings has been a challenge. I have to confess to having a little "chandelier thing" going on, wanting to try and fit those sparkly bits of glass in every nook and cranny to reflect the light. I haven't totally succeeded, reality checked in, however one will see that the chandeliers and I have won in a few places.

We are now waiting for the new oak floors to dry. Yesterday someone came to sand and polish the floors, three times! The final and third polish, will happen this morning and then we mustn't walk on it until Monday. I leant across from the cuisine to take a picture last night and on looking at the photo I see a heart shape reflection, well I do love those floors!

Sunrise from the bolly and the pool heater doing its stuff.

The polished oak floors, one more coat to go. (Left, Montaigu bedroom. Right, Tournon)

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