Last week we focused on the interior of the Farmhouse so this week I thought I would post pictures of the exterior. The outside of the house moves with the seasons. These pictures are ones in my collection that I hope give an idea of the area around the farmhouse. The pictures have been taken over the past two years.

The South side

I love this picture, but as you can see the shutters have not yet been put back after painting. They are back on now!

Pool and Pool house, the Roman end.

The pool, the security cover open.

The view to the barns. The bear's breeches have been splendid and as summers ends they shoot their seeds onto the patio with a theatrical snap. 

The edge of the pool house and pool patio.

Geraniums in the barn windows.

These beautiful hibiscus plants on the south side cope well with the midday sun. The box hedge in the background had already been shaped when we bought the house and so we just have the job of keeping it trimmed.

The bolly.

On the bolly.

The south side. 

Damson trees

And again...

And again...

 The baskets having been washed, they are now in the house under the stairs.

The view from the bolly, one man went to mow!!

Some bird seed fell into a trough.....sunflowers !

I took this picture from the "look out" at Penne d' Agenais. The Lot river.

The hibiscus near the bolly door.

A glorious cornucopia of colour in the kitchen!

A glorious cornucopia of colour in the kitchen!

Geraniums and shutters.


I really didn't superimpose the apple. The tree was cut back in winter 2015. It has only had one apple again this year!

The French Farmhouse.

View to the pool house.

View to the pool house.

Big bales in the "Bolly View" field.

Daisy, Daisy,

Golden light on the "Bolly View" field.

Barn shutters.

The big north field, 

A spectacular sky at dusk. Photo taken from the ridge a few hundred metres from the Farmhouse.


The buddleia on the east lawn attracts butterflies all summer.

The east Lawn, the pool house roof just peeping above the hedge.

Walnuts collected from our trees.

Hillary's walk.

The playing field... anyone for cricket!

The east side of the farmhouse.

The south side of the farmhouse.

The south side of the farmhouse.

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