Our final  guests of 2017 left towards the end of the month and we have been reviewing our feedback. It is great to know what our guest thought of the house and its location and also to get some ideas of what we can do better for next year. We have been delighted with the response that we received from the three questions that we asked our clients:-

1. What can we do to improve the holiday experience at The FFQ?

2. What did you enjoy most about your holiday?

3. On a score of 1-10 how likely are you to recommend The FFQ to your friends ( 10 being definitely would recommend).

I must admit we have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the customers comments and have re-read every word of the praise and congratulation that has been forwarded to us. This farmhouse project has become,  though always was, a labour of love and our feedback has been the first sign that we have been doing something right. Our clients are our reviewers and our appraisers and according to them we get to keep our job!

Our Autumn newsletter which will be published in October has a selection of testimonials for you to read. If you would like to receive a copy along with other FFQ news, send us your email and we will get a newsletter electronically delivered to your mail box. Email us at:- TheFrenchFarmhouseinQuercy@gmail.com OR use the "contact us" box on this website.

Our guests have also given us suggestions as to what we can do to make things even bettter at FFQ and we have started working on those things already.