Things are really moving on with the renovation of the farmhouse. The sandblaster has been hard at work and the beams are looking amazing. The dark beams that were in the cuisine are now so much lighter and the painted beams throughout the house have been stripped back to their former glory. The beams in The Grenier (attic) were once white, the Summer Lounge beams were turquoise and the beams in Montaigu were green, they are now back to the original light oak. We can only glimpse the Grenier's new appearance because the staircases have been removed. However as a consequence of this, we can now see what the new stairwell will be like. Standing on the ground floor you can look up through all three floors to the roof where a velux window will bring light into the space, it's going to be great!

The old bathrooms have gone and the empty spaces wait for the refurb. The rooms look so different without the bathroom suites in them, so much so that I am looking at the layout again and checking that everything is going to work in its planned place. We wanted to have a feature bath but I am now wondering if we have chosen the right bathroom for this "ta dah" bathing experience. It feels that very soon decisions will be cast iron, the time to change ones mind will be gone as pipe work and electric points will all be in place. Tiles both on the floor and walls have been removed and I'm having a quick panic as I haven't chosen new ones yet. 

A door opening has been created from Tournon bedroom to its new bathroom, that must have been quite a task as the wall is more than two feet thick. This room also has to have another window put in to match the existing one, that'll be another big job.

It has been so exciting seeing all the progress made, we wander around the house when the builders have left and write lists of things to discuss, I never tire of doing this. At last I'm starting to see what its all going to be like in a few months time.

The cuisine with newly sandblasted beams.

Beauville bedroom, the ceiling is being protected while the beams are sandblasted.