When we first visited the Farmhouse, in 2014, the east side of the house seemed incomplete. I wanted to draw a window on the wall of the first floor to give the house a sense of balance. It always looked as if something was missing, it was a house with one eye closed. 

This week, two years later, the second eye has opened and the window has appeared! It has been such a delight to see the wall knocked out and the space framed with stone. It's just as I always imagined, we have that window at last. 

On the inside of the house the window is in the bedroom called Tournon. We had planned that it would be in Tournon's ensuite and therefore more to the left if you're looking at the east facade. Tournon bedroom has a beautiful aspect, it already has one window and first thing in the morning the sun shines in. It seemed a pity not to increase the sunlight into this room. We haven't forgotten about the ensuite, we have decided to put a velux window in the ceiling of this bathroom.  At night one will be able to lie in the bath and look up at the stars. 

When we first arrived at the farmhouse Tournon bedroom was a study. It had a small vanity sink in the corner but the nearest bathroom was down a flight of stairs and not ideal for guests. When all the family came last summer, Rob and I slept in this room and used the wet room in the pool house as our ensuite! We realised what a beautiful room Tournon was and were determined to find space for it to have its own bathroom. 

One big decision for this bedroom has been whether to remove the fire place. We realised that the chimney had been taken away a long time ago, but the mantle piece was made of wood, and it gave shape to the room. I am always loathed to take out architectural features however with the new window going in, it became obvious that the perfect place for the bed head was exactly where the fire place was. The decision being made, the chimney was taken out, no Tournon back!

The new window, January 2016.

The east wall of the house and lawn, summer 2015. You can also see the roof of the pool house just above the hedge.