This week the bathrooms have once again been top of the agenda as the final negotiations on style and price are completed. We have been trying to find the brassware for bathroom 4 (Lauzerte) and as yet, we have not been able to find what we want. For those of us who are not in the bathroom industry brassware, I learnt this week, means taps etc.  I came across this phrase when in a bathroom shop in England. The assistant offered to show me the brassware from Vado, "I don't want brass," I replied, " I'm looking for chrome." I was then briefed that the name for all taps, shower heads etc is brassware. I wonder what that is in french!

For the Lauzerte bathroom we have quite specific ideas as to what we want. This bathroom has been the most challenging  (though the Grenier has been vying for this slot in the last week). Lauzerte bathroom is being styled in a contemporary way and we hope that the juxtaposition  between the architectural  features and  modern sanitary ware  will work. This bathroom has a bread oven,  beams and a door out onto the east lawn. We are planning a wet room style shower and a freestanding modern bath. The bath we have seen is stone composite and weighs in at 140 kg. The builder was mighty pleased to hear it was going on the ground floor and I am hoping the fitting will be easier because of the outside access.

Thank you for all your contributions on Facebook regarding the bath in the Grenier. It was lovely to get some feedback and interaction, the role of the blogger is a solitary one! Number two bath was the most popular ( I will re posted the picture that I put on facebook at the end of the blog).  Pictures one and four gained equal second place. Picture three had no votes at all. We took a bath, just like the one in picture two, out of one of the bathrooms. It is a iron bath and the enamel coating it totally shot. I had considered getting it re-enamelled but I am concerned that it is quite small, I might look at it again.

Friday is Blogday and I always aim to post by the end of the afternoon. Thank you to everyone who has passed on positive comments to me, I really appreciate your kind words and encouragement. In January I had my biggest audience ever, I don't know who looks at the blog, I am not able to tell, but I know there have been hits from GB, France, Spain, Japan, Zambia and New Zealand. The blog pages are the most popular on the site with the holidays page coming second. I signed up for an Instagram account this week and it has been great to get the facebook page started, so I hope we can keep in touch one way or another. I have decided to do a twice weekly blog, Tuesdays and Fridays. Tuesday will probably be shorter with more photos, blogging will be a full time job soon!

Lauzerte bathroom, wait 'till it's finished!

Lauzerte Bathroom.

Different bath ideas posted on facebook.

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