Daniel has been back this week and has been finishing the banister on the top floor. There had to be a pause in the installation so that the plasterers could have access to all areas. Safety is now restored on our third floor as are the doors to the Grenier bedroom and toilet. Everything is just as I would wish and I can't wait to paint, not the banister of course, but the wall in the upper hall ( not the middle or lower hall, just to give you orientation).

The doors thoughtfully commissioned in the lower hall for bedroom three and four have been fitted today. They are beautiful and have been inspired by the rustic kitchen door which I think is probably made of pine, the new doors have been made in oak. However once fitted they have been removed so that they will not be effected by the plaster drying. I believe the moisture in the air can swell the wood, so I'm happy they have been safely tucked away.

The shutters for the new window in Tournon bedroom have also been fitted, they will have to be removed again in order for them to be painted to match the rest of the shutters, they wait patiently in the workshop for their turn to be rehung and have their moment or in fact lifetime , in the sun. The painting of the shutters took an unexpected turn, having spent a long time thinking about what colour they would be, I learnt that I should be thinking more about what paint I should use. Our local DIY stores stock the very thing with UV protection stirred in. The shade of green has become less important because funnily enough the one they supply tones with the local stone!

I had to go to Pole Verte today, to be honest I go most days and am well known! Pole Verte is our local DIY store, a sort of mini B&Q. It's where I practice a lot of my french, they are all so patient there, hence the reason that I think I now speak "renovation french".  I had to collect our strimmer which had broken and thankfully they are a Stihl dealer with a repair facility. I was so impressed with my explanation ( pre prepared vocab of course) as I explained how it had been in the trailer behind the autoportee when it had got caught around a tree, result...... banana strimmer! It's all been repaired and ready to use and thank goodness as the grass seems to grow as you watch it. We have had rain here at the beginning of the week but I think the warmth in the sun over the last few days, is really helping everything to grow, no pause there then!

Top pictures: Shutters closed, shutters open. Bottom Picture: The old pine door on the left is the inspiration for the new doors on the right.