I think this week we have had more warm days than cold, infact on Wednesday the temperature seemed to hike up a good 10 degrees, the sun shone with heat and like the UK we all gave a huge sigh of relief.

On Sunday it was the flower fair in Tournon d'Agenais, a local bastide town. In the sunshine, the town square was filled with trades people selling flowers. Down the side streets there were a selection of stalls and the viewing area, from where you can survey the local landscape, had a variety of gardening ideas. The band played and the community enjoyed the festive atmosphere.

Last Thursday was a public holiday in France, it was Ascension Day. Montaigu de Quercy had a fair and from Monday great lorries arrived on the centre car park with all the different rides and entertainment for families to enjoy. I was also on that car park early last Monday morning because I had a phone call from the company delivering the pedestal for the sink in Tournon bathroom. They said their lorry was too big to come to the house and asked if I would meet them in Montaigu to receive the parcel. So there I was awaiting my rendez vous, when the fair began to arrive. Then with a flash of headlights my delivery turned up and the long awaited bathroom part was loaded into the trusty mercedes. The pedestal for the V&B sink is now safely fitted in Tournon bathroom and it looks just great.

Our wildlife advisor was with us for a few days this week and opened our eyes to even more species of birds in our garden and environment. We saw "Redstarts", "Black redstarts", "Tree creepers" and a "Whitethroat".  A "skylark" sang and hovered in the big field, protecting his nest below but best of all we have a "barn swallow" nesting in the barn. Early evening on Wednesday I managed to photograph a bat on the entrance to the bolly, usually they hide behind the open shutters. It's great to identify all these creatures that live around us and I think I should probably create a spotters book so everything can be recorded and remembered.

It's been a busy, but short week in the house, because of the holiday. The oak floor has been put down in Montaigu and Tournon bedrooms, it looks great though it is not finished, someone has to come to sand and polish the wood. The grey tiles for Lauzerte bathroom arrived at last, so the tiler has been putting them on floors and walls. The electrics and plumbing continue and we had a meeting on Wednesday to discuss what's left to do and when. I have contacted the pool guy and he is arriving next week to do the big switch on. The opening of the pool heralds the holiday season, bring it on!

Tournon Flower Festival, May 1st 2016.

The sun shines on the gîte. May 2016. 

The new oak floors. Left: Tournon. Right: Montaigu.

Bat on the bolly.